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Chick Industrial Services


Chick Companies is a leading provider of packaging and manufacturing logistics services. Our strength is based on our ability to create value by managing important “non-core” elements of our customers’ production processes, enabling them to focus their time, investment and talent on their own core manufacturing expertise.

Chick’s services cover two essential areas of production:

Packaging solutions: Custom-designed packaging, crates and skids, specialized protective solutions provided from our plants as well as on-site at customer locations.

Logistics solutions: Kitting and subassemblies, vendor-managed inventory, value-added warehousing and other services to manage the inbound and outbound flows of goods, plus machinery moving and plant relocation.

Chick is the largest company of its type in the United States with operations in 13 of the country’s most important manufacturing and distributions centers as well as a large production and logistics facility in the Port of Hamburg, Germany.

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