Ott Light Systems
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Ott Light Systems

BioLight.gif (13742 bytes)WinterBright 2001 bioLIGHTSYSTEM™

Designed for daily use to your own prescription. The therapeutic glow of the Winter Bright 2001 bioLIGHTSYSTEM™ will bathe you in 10,000 lux to naturally elevate mood and energy level. Will help to regulate sleep by adjusting circadian rhythms, and increase energy and alertness. Its regular use will help to overcome light deficiency disorders, especially in winter when SAD symptoms are greatest. Enjoy the energizing benefits of sunlight indoors even on winter's darkest days with a portable therapeutic WinterBright 2001 bioLIGHTSYSTEM™. When prescribed by a medical doctor for use in certain light deficiency disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome or SAD, the cost may be reimbursed by your medical insurance company.

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