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Aircast, Inc
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For over twenty-five years, Aircast, Incorporated has been a leading 
manufacturer of innovative orthopedic and postoperative medical devices.
Aircast strives for continuous process and product improvement by 
listening to our constituents, investing in professional growth, and promoting 

aircast.jpg (8773 bytes)
The Aircast® Air-Limb is designed to provide protection and edema 
control for a patient's leg following amputation.

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alimed.jpg (5334 bytes)Alimed is serving both healthcare and business professionals.
Shown here is the Swede-O Universal ankle brace.  This is just one of many orthopedic products offered through Alimed.

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Beere Precision Medical Instruments, Inc.
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Beere.jpg (17920 bytes)

Beere Precision Medical’s Ortho-Grip® silicone rubber
handle is the most advanced medical instrument handle
available today. Our independent testing has shown this
handle to withstand repeated cycles of standard methods
of sterilization. Our engineering, manufacturing, and quality
control personnel take extreme pride in producing a grip
that outperforms those found on conventional handles. Our
custom grips assure you that the specific handle made for
you will meet and exceed your demands. The textured
silicone rubber provides a secure grip when combined with
the surgeon’s glove, even when coated with blood and
bodily fluids. Along with custom grip designs comes the
advantage of choosing from an unlimited assortment of
color options. 

Crack Proof 
Non-Slip Texture 
Custom Colors 
Fits Existing Trays 
Ergonomically Designed 

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Better Hands Glove Products
Click on image to enlarge

SoftBrace.jpg (8819 bytes)Induce relaxation of the forearm muscles.
Provide for use that will not interfere with daytime activities.
Provide a device comfortable enough to comply with prescribed use
Allow immediate use of fingers for simple hand activities.
Prevent extreme forward bending of the wrist.
Provide compression on the hand and fingers that does not restrict
blood flow.

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Dalco International
Click on image to enlarge

Welcome to Dalco International.  For two decades Dalco has been a leading exporter of premium quality scientific and medical products. 

In our scientific department, we represent the well known 
Phipps & Bird product lines worldwide. 

Through our medical department, we offer our own line of high quality orthopedic products. A close working relationship with orthopedic specialists and OEM manufacturers throughout the United States has resulted in a wide range of innovative orthopedic products and orthopedic supplies. 

Dalco.jpg (7228 bytes)

Navy blue with flannel back. 
Universal, 3-panel. 
2” hook & loop closures and 2” white buckles. 
Stays: 3 posterior, 1 medial and 1 lateral. 
Sizes: 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, and 28”.

Shown here is only one of many products available.
Please visit our web site by clicking on the link
below or use the information request form at the
bottom of this page.  Thank you.

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Tennis Arm Band (GelBand®)

Heal Tennis Elbow with Patented Thermal Therapy!
Worn just below the elbow joint while at rest or during activity, this armband applies focused compression to the tendon without restricting circulation. Eliminates stress and helps reduce inflammation and pain. Includes a patented gel cell that can be removed and heated/chilled for thermal therapy on acute and chronic injuries. Helps reduce nagging pain and speeds healing. Ideal for wear during athletic activity, work, or at rest.

Hand wash. Complete wearing and care instructions included.  Available in Beige or Black.

Fits right or left arm. For a correct fit, measure around your forearm. If your measurement borders two sizes, select the next larger size.

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FLA Orthopedics

For nearly three decades FLA Orthopedics has specialized in serving alternative care markets such as orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and sports medicine clinics. FLA is a trusted source for orthopedic, compression hosiery, bracing, and footcare products. Experience and knowledge of both textiles and fundamental orthopedic principles are applied to every support manufactured by FLA. FLA currently holds many patents for its innovations with several more pending.

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Freeman Manufacturing Co.
Click on image to enlarge

Freeman.JPG (50119 bytes)Freeman Manufacturing contains 125 pages of Orthotics and Prosthetic products.  The most complete selection of Compression Hosiery including Jobst and Medi.  A small sampling of what is included in the catalog: Women's' Supports, Men's Supports, Back Care Accessories, Quick Fit Wraparounds, Spinal Braces, Knee Braces, Medical Stockings and more. . . . .

Freeman.jpg (32087 bytes)

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GNR Health Systems, Inc.
Click on image to enlarge

In the early years GNR focused on the design and manufacturing of
orthopedic softgoods including lumbar supports and pillows. Over time, 
in response to customer requests, the product line was expanded to 
include a vast array of high quality yet fairly priced products. Today 
GNR is recognized as a leading supplier in the physical therapy and 
rehabilitation markets. 

The Poly Cast Thumbster

GNR1.jpg (13282 bytes)

The Poly Cast Thumbster¹s ultra-thin, lightweight design offers support of 
the MP thumb joint, and light support for the CM joint. Anatomical design 
ensures a secure, comfortable fit that preserves maximum hand
function. Stockinette undersleeve is included.

Shown here is just one of our products. Please visit our web site by clicking on the link below or use the request form at the bottom of this page for more information. Thank you.

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Grip-It Products
Click on image to enlarge


gripit.jpg (126652 bytes)

Grip-it was created to make life easier with its ergonomic light
weight design allowing it to be stowed in a purse, pocket, home or
auto for easy access. In fact, it is a good idea to have several on hand
for convenience.

In day to day living, it is almost universal for people to have the need to 
carry relatively heavy, bulky, or otherwise cumbersome articles causing 
stress, strain and discomfort from the weight bearing down
against the tendons and fingers.

Great for Carrying:
Grocery bags
Paint cans
Shopping bags
Trash bags
Sports Equipment
Pulling & much, much more...

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International Healthcare Devices
Click on image to enlargeInt-Health-Device.jpg (56545 bytes)

International Healthcare devices presents "The Aspen Collar Family".   The Cervical Collar which effectively combines both support and comfort.  The structure of the collar has been carefully designed to provide maximum motion restriction without producing localized pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown.  Three layers of high density polyethylene combine to produce a support structure that us extremely rigid yet able to conform at its edges to each individual's anatomy.   Available in four adult sizes and three children sizes.  Standard Back, Small Back, Large Back.

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ITA-Med Co. Orthopedic
Click on image to enlarge

ITAMED2.jpg (36712 bytes)




ITA-MED is a dynamic and innovative manufacturer of medical products for personal use based in San Francisco, CA. We are proud to be doing business not only in the U.S., but also on many continents. We export about 30% of our production, 
mainly to Eastern Europe (including Russia), the Middle East and Latin America. In this way, we are spreading our vision of wellness and health-care around the world.

We create our own unique, comfortable and ergonomic designs, utilizing natural non-allergic materials. We have retail ready packaging in several languages (English and Spanish). At the same time our prices are very competitive and generally lower 
than other products of similar quality. 

ITA-MED lines of products include:

- Graduated Compression Elastic Support Hosiery (Knee Highs, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose, Men’s Socks);

- Back and Abdominal Supports (Neoprene and Elastic Lumbo-Sacral Supports, Elastic Back Supports, Thoracic 
Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis, Abdominal Binders, Warming Support Girdles);

- Sports – Medical Supports (Knee, Ankle and Wrist Braces);

- Other Orthopedic and Medical Products (Hernia Support, Cervical Collar, Elastic/Rubber Bandages, Flexible Splints, 

Please contact our web site by clicking on the link below
or by filling out the request for at the bottom of the page

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Click on image to enlarge

Juzo is an international manufacturer of medical compression garments. Juzo products include:
Compression Stockings, Compression Sleeves, Support Stockings, Stump Shrinkers, Suspension Sleeves, Knee Braces, and Ankle Braces.

Attractive line was developed for the fashion conscious woman who
wants to keep her elegant appearance during compression therapy. Our
objective is to combine comfort, aesthetics and optimal medical
effectiveness at the highest level.
Product Features 
JUZO.jpg (5428 bytes)
excellent two-way stretch elasticity 
elastic heel and toe portions to provide optimal fit and comfort 
sheer, soft, breathable knit 
large variety of fashionable colors 
optional silicone coated lace border 
high elastic panty part; excellent for maternity patients 

Available compression: 
20-30 mmHg 
30-40 mmHg 

This is only one product available from JUZO.  Please click on the link below
to visit our web site or use the handy information request form at the bottom of this page

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Medi-Kid Co.
Click on image to enlarge

medi-kid.jpg (15028 bytes)The Medi-Kid Co. presents the latest in Pediatric Immobilizes.  Pedi-Wraps immobilizes are ideal: In preventing self inflicted injury to patients (mentally disabled, Retts, Autism, Cerebal Palsy, Eczema) ; to cover & protect injuries, sutures and bandages; Following surgery; To support arms & legs in therapeutic exercises.


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M.I.H. International

art575_72dpi.jpg (8859 bytes)
New Edge Pollux- Extra Lumblock

Click image to enlarge

• Post-surgery sacral lumbar brace
• Disc complaints and hernias
• Osteoporosis related vertebrae complaints
• Lumbago, Sciatica and Ischialgia
• Spondylo-arthrosis
• Para-vertebral lumbar muscle spasm
• Light traumas of the lumbar-sacral column
• SIX flexible steel inner stays
• TWO aluminum rigid stays
  • Flexibility and stiffness at same time
• Optimum anatomical fit
• Rigid stays may be customized   • Perfect individual fit and support
Inner stays covered with plastics
  • Durability
• New Edge Technology  
Conforms to any body shape
Flexible stays become extremely stiff and supportive when locking system is pulled and secured
• Lightweight   • Comfort
User friendly and adjustable locking system
  • Support can be adjusted at any time
• Easy-on and Easy off
Breathable materials and cotton
  • No allergies or dermatitis
• Skin breathes freely
• Can be worn 24 hours a day
• Washable   • Well being and hygiene
• Low profile   • Can be worn under any clothes
Double L-Code (back and front pad)
  • Good insurance reimbursement
• Low price   • Suits everybody’s wallet

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SunMedica designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes orthopedic
products and devices, along with Natural Comfort non-medical products.

orthoRAPS® are compressive support wraps that
secure sterile dressings in place without the use of
tape. Pocket holds cold therapy pack.
Eliminates painful tape blisters 
Reduces wound drainage 
Reduces wound care time

The kastRAPTM is designed to keep a cast
clean and attractive while protecting clothing
from snags. Available in a variety of bright
solid colors and prints. 

Shown are only two products available from SunMedica
Please visit our web site for more products or use the request
form provided below.

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Tetra Medical Supply Corp.
Click on image to enlarge

Tetra.jpg (64626 bytes)The Tetra Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1913 with one product - "The TETRA Bandage" - all cotton elastic without rubber.  In the 50's, a rubber reinforced elastic bandage line was added.  In 1966 a daring venture into the rib belt market took place, then anti-embolism stockings, denture and specimen cups and so on to the catalog we are pleased to present to you today.  Our line has grown to include:
Exercise and Rehab
Hot and Cold Therapy. . . . and more

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Additional Orthopedic Sources

Company Links

Imperial Surgical Ltd. (instruments)

ipos North America


Manufacturers of Arthroscope Accessories

2885 S. Horseshoe Dr.
Naples, FL 34104
Arthro-Medic, Inc.
6320 St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Cuda Products Corp.
6000 Powers Ave.
Jacksonville, FL  32217
Depuy, Inc.
700 Orthopaedic Dr.
Warsaw, IN 45581
Fiegert Endotech, Inc.
2 Oakwood Dr., Ste. 160
Hollywood, FL 33020
Future Medical Systems
504 McCormick Dr. #5-T
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Instrument Makar, Inc.
2950 E. Mt. Hope
Okemoe, MI 48864
Integral Design Inc.
52 Burr Rd. 
Hingham, MA 02043
Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc.
600 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, CA 90277
Walter Lorenz Surgical
1520 Tradeport Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Maxxim Medical, Inc.
10300 49th St. N.
Clearwater, FL  33762
Microtek Medical
512 Lehmberg Rd.
Columbus MS 39702
O.R. Surgical Co.,Inc.
120 Montlieu Ave.
Greensboro, NC  27409
Optical Resources, Inc.
15 Harriman Ave.
Sloatsburg, NY 10974
Orthopedic Systems, Inc.
30031 Ahern Ave.
Union City, CA  94587
Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
3600 N.W. 138th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Striker Leibinger
4280 Commercial Ave., Ste. A
Portage, MI 01810
Telos Medical Equipment (Austin & Assoc., Inc.)
1109 Sturbridge Rd.
Faliston, MD  21047
TNCO, Inc.
15 Colebrook Blvd.
Whitman, MA  02382
W.J. Surgical Instruments
3537 Old Conejo Rd. Ste.110
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Wolf Medical Instruments 
353 Corporate Woods Pkwy.
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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Manufacturers of Fixation Accessories

Acor Orthopaedic, Inc.
18530 S. Miles Pkwy.
Cleveland, OH 44128
Back Support Systems
67684 San Andreas
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
Back-Mueller Inc.
2700 Clarc Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103
Bauer and Black, Inc.
RD. 183, KM 20.3
Las Piedras, PR 00771
Bimeco, Inc.
5911 Greenwood Pkwy.
Bassemer, AL
Biomet, Inc.
Airport Industrial Park
Warsaw, IN 46581
Bioplate, Inc.
6911 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Choice Medical Products
2805 E. Skelly Dr., Ste. 805
Tulsa, OK 74605
CMO, Inc.
197 2nd St. S.W.
Barberton, OH 44203
Complete Medical Supplies
10 Ford Products Rd.
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
D.J. Ortho
2985 Scott St.
Vista, CA  92083
Depuy Ace Medical Co.
700 Orthopedic Dr. 
Warsaw, IN 46581
Encore Orthopedics
9800 Metric Blvd.
Austin, TX 78768
Holmed Corp.
40 Norfolk Ave.
South Easton, MA 02375
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
1400 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Roswell, GA 30076
M.W. Mooney & Co., Inc.
415 Williamson Way, Ste. 1
Ashland, OR 97520
Medpac, Inc.
25768 Parada Dr.
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Orthopaedic Innovations
6188 Olson Memorial Hwy.
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Precision Instruments, Inc.
801 S. Rancho, Ste. B-3
Las Vegas, NV  89106
R.H. Medical
10408 Gulfdale St., #A
San Antonio, TX 78216
Seattle Orthopedic Group
28296 Twelve Trees Lanes
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Telos Medical Equipment
1109 Sturbridge Rd.
Fallston, MD  21047
Truform Orthotics & Prosthetics
3960 Rosslyn Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Sofamor Danek Group, Inc.
1800 Pyramid Pl.
Memphis, TN 38132

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Manufacturers of Non-Invasive Sonic Bone Analyzers

Exogen, Inc.
10 Constitution Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 10591

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