Moving Solutions
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Moving Solutions


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Whole House Access, Flexible Desig, Blends Into Any Environment

  • Safe, Comfortable & Reliable
  • Simple Installation -
         Freestanding, Wall
         Or Ceiling Mounted
  • Weight Capacities up to 775 lbs.
  • Battery Operated
  • Four Models Available
         Single Strap "Local" Lifting Cassette
         Two-Strap "Interstate" Lifting Cassette
         Faaborg "Heavy" Lifting Cassette
         Faaborg "Ultra" Lifting Cassette
  • Most Comfortable Slings In the Industry
         Walking Harness Available!
With The "InterState" Model
Room To Room Transfers Are As Easy As 1,2,3!

A Patented System That Allows Transfers From One Room To Another Without Any Doorway Modifications!
1) When reaching the doorway, simply extend second strap and attach to rail on other side of door...



2) Next, press the control button to effortlessly transfer individual into the next room.



3) Finally, you can detach the back strap and proceed into the next room.


Faaborg Person Lift

Tri Hanger Bar Is safer and more comfortable to use

Utilizes Faaborg Slings - made of comfortable poly/cotton
 material that is machine washable/dryable, features color 
coded attachments and are designed without chains or 
metal/plastic plates

Magnetic Hand Control
Is capable of being attached to any flat surface on the 
lift and permits total hands on assistance during transfers

Provide soft start/soft stop technology for no jarring starts 
and stops and can sense obstructions and stops

Have the lowest rolling resistance on any on the market, 
include color-coded "total" directional-lock rear brakes and 
front rubber bumpers to prevent wall damage


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