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Bio-Analytics Laboratories, Inc.
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Bio_Analytic Labs.JPG (22086 bytes)Bio-Analytic Laboratories, Inc. is an FDA registered manufacturer of clinical chemistry reagents, intended for use on some of the most frequently encountered analyzers used in the clinical laboratory.  Bio-Analytic offers a complete line of in-vitro diagnostic reagents for a long list of clinical results.

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Biomerica.jpg (29923 bytes)Biomerica, Inc. presents   a special catalog with Diagnostic Solutions for The Clinical Laboratory, Physicians' Office and Over The Counter Drug Stores.  Featured is the EZ DETECT   Stool Blood Test.  A simple and sanitary method of detecting blood in the stool which  can be performed quickly.   EZ DETECT has been in use for over ten years and is being used by several large screenings across the country.  Other featured products are the Fortel Pregnancy and Ovulation test, EZ-PSA Prostrate Cancer Test,  EZ-H.P. Helicobacter pylori (Ulcers) test kit and the Allergy Immuno Tec. (AIT).

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Block Scientific, Inc.

International Leaders in Reconditioned Laboratory Equipment

Affordable Solutions to all your equipment needs.
Block Scientific is the industry leader in providing laboratories,
hospitals and clinics with the finest reconditioned equipment in the
world. By combining quality, value, service and a wide selection of
inventory, Block Scientific offers a highly competitive alternative to
purchasing new equipment. 

Block Scientific Has The Selection You Want.
From autoclaves to chemistry analyzers, centrifuges to
cell-counters, we carry an extensive inventory of the most respected
brands in the industry at very competitive prices. Our staff of factory trained technicians
ensures that all equipment is refurbished to the original manufacturer's specifications. 

The Service You Need.
While all of our work is meticulous and fully warrantied, we can
also offer full-service contracts on selected equipment models.
Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining certified asset
management services for the disposal of your obsolete

World-Wide Expertise.
As a global company, we have full expertise in converting high-tech equipment for foreign voltage requirements. International shipments are transported efficiently and cost-effectively through our well-established arrangements with airlines, ground transportation companies and customs brokers. 

Block Scientific Has It All.
In addition to sales and service, we're financially well positioned to
purchase your surplus laboratory equipment. In fact, we pay the
highest rates in the industry for surplus assets. Block Scientific is
ready to satisfy all your equipment needs, affordably and efficiently.

20 Years of Excellence.
Block Scientific has been forging strong alliances with major
companies and financial institutions for two decades. We are the
company of choice to resell their repossessed or returned assets. This insures a continuous flow of current, well-maintained and exceptionally valued 
assets for our clients. 

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Electa Lab SRL
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The company has over 10 years of experience in the development and construction of automatic E.S.R. analyzers.

Considering a prices/features relation, ELECTALAB offers several advantages over competitive E.S.R. products.

One of the principals of the company is in charge of a large clinical laboratory with over 25 years of experience in the field of clinical chemistry and hematology.

Electalab is part of an active group of companies producing high technology electromedical and diagnostic equipment. A sister company is also operating in the electronic environment of Malaysia (industrial electronic, modems, etc.).

All products are delivered with a signed final quality control certificate.

The company is continuously updating its product line. NEW PRODUCTS (ESR related) to be introduced every year.

The company will soon apply, E.S.R. Quality Control Procedures together with a commercial control blood, to the instruments. FDA approved.

ELECTALAB is willing to deal with each market own needs.

ELECTALAB sends his International Sales Manager to train the Distributors on a regular basis.
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MONITOR-S is an advanced
system for automatic ESR
determination, which offers
reliability, efficiency and
easy handling. It allows to
perform an error free
sed-rate analysis in only
thirty minutes and directly
from the collection tube,
removing any risks of
contamination for the operator.

Shown is only one product.  Please click on the link below
to visit our web site or fill in the easy to use request form
at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.

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R.P. Cargille Laboratory Products
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Cargille Labs.JPG (36694 bytes)R. P. Cargille Laboratory Products.  Excellent selection of Refractive Index Products, Microscopy Supplies, Disposable Lab Supplies, Clinical & Hospital Lab Products. 

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Vulcon Technologies
Vulcon Technologies has been a manufacturer in the
laboratory industry since the late 1960's. Under the
name of AES, Vulcon Technologies re-manufactured
chemistry analyzers before focusing on the centrifugation

In 1988 we introduced our first centrifuge to the
marketplace - the Mobilespin. Since that time, our
product line has expanded to include six centrifuge
models, a hematology blood rocker and a benchtop
rotator. Since the introduction of the Mobilespin nine
years ago, we have produced over 75,000 clinical
centrifuges for a wide variety of applications.

CENTRIFUGE. Our quiet Clinaseal features
exclusive AeroLok technology that helps
protect personnel from aerosols while
maintaining sample temperature stability. The
motor chamber is isolated from the spinning
chamber and the chamber in turn is isolated
from the outside environment. A brushless,
permanently lubricated motor means no
maintenance worries. The sturdy aluminum
cabinet is covered with a durable, baked-on
powder coating in an attractive tan color that
compliments any environment.

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CLIA Waived Strep-A Test Kit
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StrepA.JPG (30953 bytes)CLIA Waived Strep-A Test Kit
Easy to use.  Fits into any practice.  Fast results in 5 minutes.  Very accurate- 96% sensitivity and 98% specificity!  Dip stick simple.  Blue test line, red control line.  50 kits per kit.  Includes both + and - controls.   Store at room temperature.

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CLIA Waived MOMO Test Kit
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Mono test.JPG (30642 bytes)CLIA Waived MONO Test Kit
A simple in-office test for the detection of mononucleosis.  Easy to use with fast, accurate results in minutes.  Results in 5 minutes for better patient care.

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Classic hCG Urine Test
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Classic hcg urine.JPG (35064 bytes)Classic hCG Urine midstream or dipstick test.
Avoid the mess and hassle of manipulating urine samples while providing the flexibility and reliability your patients need!  Midstream or cup procedure.  25 mlU/ml sensitivity.  More than 99.9% accurate in clinical studies.  Results in 2-3 minutes.

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hCG Combo Test
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hcgCombo.JPG (33798 bytes)hCG Combo Test.
Dipstick simple.  One step.  Fast, read results in 5 minutes.  Detects pregnancy 7-10 days after conception; 25 mlU/ml sensitivity for serum, 30 mlU/ml sensitivity for urine.  Serum diluent improves specificity.  Compact with built in work station.

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