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Aids to Daily Living includes medical supplies, medical products and free informational catalogs all selected to make your living easier when living at home or in an assisted living home.



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  ER RN creates a comprehensive medicine reminder system that solves 7 problems with at home medication management and it's cost effective.


  • Gentner - Manufactures assistive listening devices such as amplified audio for hearing impaired people.
  • Hansaton Hearing Systems - Producing hearing aids and accessories, with health information and research findings. Located in Hamburg, Germany. [English and German]
  • hearXchange - Provides resources to enable the hard of hearing and deaf to be made aware of the changing technologies in the hearing field.
  • Listen Technologies - Manufactures wireless assistive listening systems for the hard of hearing.
  • Modernizing Hearing Aid Services - Seeks to improve patient services and making digital hearing aid technology available through Britain's National Health Service.
  • Printacall - Manufactures communications technology for deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired people.
  • Specsavers Hearcare - Offers hearing assessments and fitting of digital aids. United Kingdom.
  • TypeWell - Manufactures an educational transcription software that allows communication access during classes for deaf students.


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A1 Medical Supply
Click on image to enlarge

A1 Medical Supply is the predominant leader in bringing you unique medical products to improve the quality of life for people who are physically challenged and elderly. Specializing in bed mobility for home and hospital beds. Handles are also available for Craftmatic style electric beds.

We manufacture manufacture The Transfer Handle™, which is the Safest and Easiest way to get in and out of bed. Perfect for safe transfers to a wheelchair, commode or walker. Helps to maintain independence and confidence while helping to prevent falls and injuries.

We also have a complete line of aids to daily living. Extensive testing has been done to ensure that we have the best ergonomically designed products available to help you to safely maintain your independence. Tens of thousands of Transfer Handles™ are now in use in both homes and rehab hospitals across the country.

The Handybar™

a1 a2dl.jpg (67587 bytes)

Prescribed by Doctors & Recommended by Health professionals Fits over 170 million vehicles in North America.

The device locks securely, and reliably, into position. In addition, it is easy to insert and remove, it is strong, durable and affordable. The material is forged steel with corrosion resistant plating. At just 0.7 lb., and measuring approx. 9 in. long, the Handybar™ is sufficiently lightweight, and compact, for it to be carried around in a handbag or pack. The precisely shaped nose locks the Handybar™ securely into position with little effort and enables it to be removed just as easily. It is also cranked, or bent, over its length to enable it to be reversed to give just the right height and angle of grip for getting in and out of a vehicle. Smaller, more compact cars tend to be lower down, closer to the ground making it even more difficult to get in and out of them. Fortunately, the U-type striker plate is one of the most rugged components in a vehicle being designed to keep the door closed in the event of a side-impact crash. There is a striker on each of the door pillars enabling the Handybar™ to be used by both the driver and passengers.

This is just one of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit their web site and view a full listing of products offered.  Thank you.

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adaptalap.gif (21699 bytes)

The patented Book Holder by Adapt-a-Lap is the easiest-to-use reading-aid because it's adjustable. There is nothing like it.

Since it is supported by an extendable leg and the user's body, it holds your book or magazine at exactly the right height and position that is best and most comfortable for you without requiring the use of your hands.

The Adapt-a-Lap is a portable desk. It's great for taking notes and for holding your Laptop computer or WebTV keyboard.

This lightweight (22 oz.) reading and writing support measures less than 12x14 inches. It will fit into most briefcases, backpacks and lap-top computer bags.

The Adapt-a-Lap's two elastic straps hold your reading material in place, and its see-through filaments hold your pages open and flat. It even supports books of over 900 pages and oversized books such as an atlas.

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Bed Handle MTS
Click on image to enlarge

Bed Handle
Mobility Transfer Systemsbedhandle.gif (27191 bytes)

Freedom Grip® Model 501
Easy and Affordable Solution for the person who needs a helping hand getting out of bed. Let Freedom Grip® help you to keep yourself safe and independent. Wake up with the confidence and freedom of knowing you can get out of bed with ease. Perfect for anyone with Back Pain and will help to prevent you from falling out of bed. Freedom Grip® comes complete with 20"x29" bed board, which slides between the mattress and box spring. Fits any style Home Bed. Simply snap the handle in and you're ready to wake up with a smile knowing Freedom Grip® is there to help you.

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Bed Handles, Inc.
Click image to enlarge

BEDhandles.jpg (14238 bytes)Convenient - For help getting in and out of bed
Strong - Each handle features one piece steel construction
Attractive - White, textured, cushioned vinyl grip surface
Unique - A handle for each hand, no twisting to one side
Economical - Keep your own bed
Adaptive - Adjustable room to sit
Safer - Leaves floor space clear
Easy - Super simple to install
Works - with ordinary mattress & box springs, platform or water bed

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Brown Engineering Corp.
Click image to enlarge

BedBar.gif (41084 bytes)




The BED-BAR is a sturdy support rail people use to help get
in and out of bed.  It can be used by anyone for a variety of reasons.

-Surgery recovery
-Back pain
-Broken bones
-Sprains or strains
-Trouble getting out of bed

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Click on image to enlarge

Care4U offers solutions for some problems that we, or some of our loved ones, may encounter as we get older.  Our constantly changing web site will feature items that enable us to remain active, independent and maximize our pleasure in daily life.  These products can be designed to facilitate every day activities such as dressing, washing, grooming, cooking or eating, then again they may stress our leisure time activities such as reading, writing or playing cards.

Established in 1996, Care4U is dedicated to providing information on products to make life more comfortable.  We will scour the world to find and offer useful, mostly unknown, products that sometimes cost very little but can be of great value to those who use them.  Our mission at Care4U is to increase awareness of these products and spread the word that there are, indeed, a lot of handy gadgets available to make life much more pleasant.  

Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper

care 4 u.jpg (7558 bytes)

Long handle and pistol grip make clipping toenails possible with very little bending. Trigger action provides increased leverage.

Maddapult® Assisto-Seat - 2 Spring

care 4 u 2.jpg (7497 bytes)

Portable and Lightweight. A simple pull of the side lever opens the seat to about a 45 degree angle to gently assist getting up from a seated position. Weighs only 7lbs. Measures 14 x 16 x 4" (36 x 41 x 10 cm) and works well with nearly any hard seat chair. Weight capacity 150 lb. (68 kg).

These are just a few of the products offered by this company.  Click on the link below to visit this company's web site and view a full listing of products.  Thank you.

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International Medical Research & Design, Inc.
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BathGuard.jpg (8572 bytes)Bath Guard
Patients who have been injured recently or had surgery know the problems and discomfort that comes with aftercare bathing procedures. Casts, braces and surgical wounds need to remain dry. The same is true for dialysis shunts and certainly IV Sites and PICC Lines.

The patented BATHGUARD™ Bath and Shower Protector is a reusable, LATEX-FREE, waterproof protection sleeve that allows the patient to comfortably bathe or shower while keeping the affected area dry and free from infection.

BATHGUARD™ arm and leg units are quality constructed for long term
use. The sleeve is made of tough poly-tafetta non-stick vinyl with double heat sealed
seams for added strength. The patented elastic cuff with Velcro® patch works in tandem with the uniquely designed VersaStrap™  to ensure complete waterproof protection.

BATHGUARD™ is not only effective, it is simple to use. One size fits most everyone. The
waterproof sleeve easily slips on and off the afflicted limb. The unit is washable and
antiseptic tolerable.  As a result, your patients can shower or bathe comfortably and
confidently with BATHGUARD™...

"The ultimate in shower protection"

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Kingwood Technologies, Inc.
Click image to enlarge

PocketPotty.jpg (17851 bytes)Kingwood Technologies introduces the Pocket-Potty™
When you gotta go . . . . . . you gotta go

The Pocket-Potty™ is the perfect solution for those times when you are in real need of a rest room and there is no rest room available.

Gels fluids instantly, no mess, no spills, unisex in design.

The Pocket-Potty™ is ideal for: Traveling, Camping, Children, Traffic Jams, Business and Industrial, Government/Military, Home health care, handicap use. 

Super strong seal.  Special color dye added to powder.  Liquid forms a non hazardous gel when mixed with powder.  Safe for trash and landfills.   Deodorizes while it gels.

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Roberts Book Mark Co.
Click on image to enlarge

Finally, a book holder that really works!

roberts book.jpg (42374 bytes)

The Roberts Book Holder holds any book, regardless of its thickness or size, at a convenient reading angle. It prevents pages from flipping while allowing the reader to turn them effortlessly. And when not being used, it folds to a flat 7/16", thinner than the slimmest notebook, easy to store or transport (built-in handle). Dimensions when closed: 14" X 71/2" X 7/16".

It's the perfect gift for:
-all readers
-computer users, typists & secretaries
-cookbook users and other hobbyists
-musician's portable music stand
-handicapped, infirm and age debilitated
-and especially those who read while dining

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Standers.jpg (34929 bytes)Standers (tm) presents a unique selection of Cane and Caddie products.  The "CouchCane" is designed to act as a standing aid from a couch, large chair or recliner.  The CouchCane is ideal for persons who have difficulty standing on their own, for persons with joint problems such as hip replacements, bad knees or any other problem that restricts mobility.  Other products include the BedCane and a special selection of "Caddie" products.

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            Dry Pro is a surgical latex sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, Ostomy, PICC lines and prosthetics to offer complete waterproof protection manufactured by Dry Corp a division of Xero Products.  Its vacuum seal assures that a cast, bandage, limb or site will remain dry, even when submerged in water. Patients can go swimming, bathe, shower and receive hydrotherapy.  Our products are sold in over 20 countries all over the world, and we've been saving summer and quality of life for almost a decade!

Click here to visit our web site
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Sitting down or standing up - let Shoe & Boot Valet™ do all the work! This is the perfect device to alleviate and in many cases eliminate the pain and embarrassment for millions of people who have a problem doing the simple everyday task of putting on and taking off their footwear. It works perfectly with shoes, boots, galoshes and slippers. Many users are senior citizens, people with bad backs, pregnant, those with hip replacements, arthritis, confined to a wheelchair and many other debilitating conditions

Pregnant assisted living device back pain and bad backs overweight or obese

Visit our web site for more information click here

E-Mail us click here



• Electronic Pill Boxes    • Medication Reminders

Tabtime Ltd. is a UK based company offering you the best in pill and tablet related products.

  • Tabtime electronic pillboxes and medication reminders will carry all of your daily tablet requirements in one stylish case.

  • Tabtime electronic pillboxes and medication reminders come with a unique choice of audio or visual alarms or a combination of both audio & visual alarms.

  • 8 daily alerts on Tabtime electronic pillboxes and medication reminders will remind you at the exact minute required that it is medication time.










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Manufacturers of Dressing Adaptors

Mecanaids Co., Inc.
210 Andover St.
Wilmington, MA 01887

Smith & Nephew, Inc.
N104 W13400 Donges Bay Rd.
Germantown, WI 53022

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Manufacturers of Grooming Adaptors

75 Mill St.
Colchester, CT 06415
Atlanta Thermoplastic Products, Inc.
5032 N. Royal Atlanta Dr.
Tucker, GA 30084
Designs for Comfort, Inc.
PO Box 671044
Marietta, GA 30066
Laurel Designs
98 Main St.
Belvedere, CA 94920
Maddak, Inc.
6 Industrial Rd.
Pequannock, NJ 07440
Mecanaids Co., Inc.
210 Andover St.
Wilmington, MA 01887
P.R.I.D.E. Foundation
391 Long Hill Rd.
Groton, CT 06340
Sammons Preston
4 Sammons Ct.
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Therafin Corp.
19747 Wolf Rd.
Mokena, IL 60448

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