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McKesson Paragon

A comprehensive solution for your healthcare IT needs: Paragon® community hospital information system

Especially during these times of economic uncertainty and decreasing margins, health systems need a way to combat the clinical quality and financial pressures they face on a daily basis. Smoke and mirrors and other magic tricks just won’t work. Their future stability depends on a proven, easy-to-use community hospital information system (HIS) that combines both the clinical and financial side of the business.

The Paragon® solution from McKesson is the only fully integrated community HIS built on a Microsoft®-based platform that offers superior technology, comprehensive clinical capabilities and industry-proven revenue cycle applications.

With Paragon® your health system can expect:

* A high percentage of clinician acceptance thanks to our familiar Windows-based applications that are easy to use and completely comprehensive. Because they don’t have to learn proprietary software systems, caregivers are free to focus on patient care.
* The highest degree of customer satisfaction that comes with a product rated the #1 Community HIS by KLAS* three years running. Also, your health system can enjoy the broadest depth of capability available in the industry by incorporating document and medical (PACS) imaging, an ambulatory electronic medical record application and much more.
* The ease of implementation that comes from having a sole HIS vendor that is 100% accountable to your health system. Also, you can rest easy knowing you have a product-specific support group that is backed by a Fortune 18 company dedicated completely to healthcare.

Learn more about how Paragon can help your organization realize its full potential without using magic.

Also, please take a moment to calculate the potential financial benefit your health system can realize from using this powerful solution.

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