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Fox Meadows Software


Incorporated in May, 1994, Fox Meadows Software, Limited, provides medical management software for practice and clinical management needs. Our robust management software allows your medical office to run smoothly, integrating many functions including insurance billing, patient scheduling, charting, and many other features you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about while visiting our web site. We’re here to meet your medical office software needs, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn how we can help your medical or clinical practice utilize software to keep your practice running smoothly.  Physicians, nurses and medical office staff will find the medical records captured and the accessibility of this information invaluable for patient care today and in the future.  We serve all medical healthcare specialties.  

-Windows 95, 98, and NT 
-Imaging and Retrieval: Photos, Scanning, Documents, etc . . . through Microsoft products 
-Document Management to Provide Informative Cross Reference of Word Processing -Documents using Microsoft WORD
-Voice Recognition Ready
-Insurance Coverage
-Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Worker's Comp. and Auto Accident Insurance
-Supports Effective and Expiration Date Logic. Tracking of effective and expiration dates for policies. 
-Supports all Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare Regulations
-Pop Up Recall and Appointment Scheduler 
-Unlimited Physicians, Offices and Rooms
-Unlimited Fee Schedules
-Medicare, Medicaid, Standard, etc. Provide latest Medicare charge and allowed amounts.
-A/R Management Module that is Revolutionary in Account Problem Resolution
-Retrieve Management Reports for Insurance Carrier Rate Analysis, Zip Code Analysis, -Capitation Reviews, Procedure and Diagnostic Analysis, etc.
-Capture Medical Records 
-Chart Notes, Medication, Immunization, Vital Signs, Allergies, Reactions, Diagnostic  Tracking, Encounter Forms
-Generate Electronic Data Interchange for Claims, Statements, Laboratory
-Disburse Insurance Remittance Payments Based Upon Insurance Type
-Electronic Diary Notes for Patient Action, Account, Patient, Charge and Payment Notes
-Procedure Code Cases (Grouped) for Simplified Data Entry
-Open Item Accounting
-No More Balance Forwards
-Look up Account and Patient Names
-Exact Name, Name Contains, Phonetic Search, SSN, Birthdate, and Address and more
-Create Point of Service Statement (Super Bill)
-View On-Screen Accounts Receivable Balances
-Practice, Physicians, Accounts
-Comprehensive Payment Screen for Specific Charges
-Tracks Referring Physicians, Providers, Nurse Practitioners and PAs.
-Create Treatment Plans for Pre-Approvals
-Pop Up Help Windows for Data Entry Assistance and Ease in Learning
-Security and Password Protection by User and Function
-Relational Database Design


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