Easy Access Clothing
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Easy Access Clothing



  • Always Looking Good & Feeling Good with Easy Access Clothes
  • Cargo Pants, Dress Pants, Sweats, Jeans, Tops, Outerwear & MORE
  • Ease of Dressing and discreet access for personal care
  • Customize your clothes with the modifications you need
  • Never forfeit fashion or comfort
  • Clothing for men, women, and children


The adaptive modifications found in Easy Access Clothing can be customized to meet the special needs of men, women, children and the elderly. Clothes are designed to assist the individual in maintaining their independence and dignity. Modifications in the clothes support the needs of caregivers and makes life easier for all. All modifications are designed into the garment and are discreet. Entry points of Easy Access Clothes are designed to work with, not against, disAbilities. When you look good, you feel better. Well-designed, attractive clothing not only provides comfort but helps people feel good about themselves.

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Maintain Dignity



Feel Good & Look Good
The following features may promote independence in dressing/undressing



Other features minimize lifting and makes the caregivers job easier
 Customize for Independence



Ease of dressing
Modifications for those with:
  • Impaired finger dexterity


  • Limited range of motion
  • Hand tremors


  • Arms painful to move and bend


  • For use with IV tubes


  • Those dependent on others dressing them


  • For wheelchair users


  • The elderly


  • Cerebral Palsy


  • Arthritis


  • Muscular Dystrophy


  • Parkinson's


  • MS


  • Paralysis


  • Developmental Disabilities


  • Stroke


  • Contractures
What to Look for in Shirts and Tops

Shirts that open and close with Velcro tabs give independence to those with dexterity problems


Full back opening eliminates pulling over the head. No need to bend or raise arms. Sleeve is drawn onto arm and shoulder from front. Fabric covers the entire Velcro closure


Velcro opening in underarm/side seam, from waist to cuff, provides opening for tubes while dressed. No need to straighten arms to dress. Maintain dignity.


Full openings from waist to cuff or a full back opening, assists caregivers for ease of dressing.


Dressing ease while remaining seated


Raglan, dolman or deep-set sleeves allow for freedom of movement and easy dressing


Shirts and tops are cut longer in the back so they stay in to maintain dignity.


Closures on the crotch are available too.


Soft to the touch fabrics that feel good on sensitive skin


Extendable boat-neck tops on sweat shirts allow easy access


Dressing becomes less tiring for the individual


All closures are inconspicuous and are designed into the garment


Seams are double sewn so they lay flat to help prevent pressure sores.


Grow cuffs and hems on children's clothes to extend the wear.













  • For wheelchair users
  • Impaired ability to flex hip or knee


  • Impaired ability to maneuver feet through leg openings


  • For people with casts or braces


  • For those with toileting and changing needs


  • Impaired motor skills


  • Hand tremors


  • Leg paralysis


  • Post Operation, Total hip or knee replacements


  • Impaired finger dexterity


  • Use with catheter bags or urinals


  • Use with diapers


  • Developmentally Disabled




What to look for in Pants & Shorts

Extended velcro flys offer easy access to personal needs. Easy to open.


Extended velcro fly allows for easy access when using a urinal


Wrist or finger loops help individuals lift garments when dressing


Large pockets placed above or on the side of knees for easy access


Side openings increases room and comfort to ease over hips or over leg


Minimizes standing


Front panel opening flaps open to hip, increases room and comfort for dressing and access to personal needs


Inside seams assist caregivers in toileting and dressing needs


Minimizes lifting


Seams are sewn flat which helps to prevent pressure sores


Grow cuffs on children's clothing to extend its wear














  • Wheelchair users


  • Para & quadriplegics


  • For use with leg bags, catheters etc
In & Out pants offer elasticized ankles to keep bag tubes tucked in out of sight


Velcro openings by way of loops on both inside legs, to access leg bags for maximum independence


Adjustable hidden inside flap on shorts & swimwear to hide leg bags



  • For women & girls


  • Limited range of motion


  • Arms painful to move and bend


  • Those dependent on others dressing them


  • For wheelchair users


  • Toileting needs




What to Look for in Dresses

Skimmer dress with Velcro shoulder opening and complete right side, arm-hole to hem opening, eliminates need to raise arms


Lengthened back hem or higher rise on culotte for sitting positions


Jumpers & Culottes open right down to the hip for ease of dressing and personal access


Velcro closures for independence and ease of dressing







  • For People in Wheelchairs
What to Look for in Coats & Ponchos

Cut out backs eliminates sitting on excess fabric, prevents pressure sores


Designed for safety, cut to avoid touching or getting stuck in wheels


Hip huggable straps to keep the garment close to the body for maximum warmth


Velcro tab closures for independence


No standing required, just lean forward to put on

  • Incontinence


  • The elderly


  • All of the above lists














What to Look for in Undergarments

Incontinent briefs are reusable & washable


Ranges in use from light incontinence, protective absorbent to waterproof overpant


Layers are in crotch. Sides of briefs are a non-bulky single layer.


Bodysuits fasten at the crotch to stay neatly tucked in


Cut wide at the hip and seat for full coverage, and will accommodate a diaper


Four styles for ease of dressing


Provides softness and warmth


Sleepwear styles provide warmth, comfort and full coverage without bulk


Different styles for ease of dressing and personal access such as snap crotch, full front zipper,