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Crystowel, Inc.







The current health conscious environment, where everything from the air we breathe to the spread of infectious disease is of utmost concern to many people, provides a unique opportunity to bring to market an innovative product developed to address the need for a clean, germ free disposable method of cleaning and drying the human body.  The CrysTowel, developed over several years and tested under numerous conditions, has been proven to be an innovative solution to the problem and an integral part of the fight against the spread of infectious disease.  The CrysTowel is clean, soft to the touch, significantly more absorbent than ordinary towels and disposable.

Even when washed, dried and handled under ideal conditions, cloth towels can be a carrier of virulent infectious diseases.  Both in commercial and home laundries, one virulent microorganism in a load of towels can multiply to contaminate the entire load and may even remain in the washer or dryer to contaminate subsequent loads.  The temperatures, washing cycle times and procedures necessary to reduce the incidence of these microorganisms to an acceptable level are seldom followed.  The CrysTowel eliminates these concerns.

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