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BIOflex® Medical Magnetics, the exclusive agent for a revolutionary line of therapeutic products manufactured in Germany. BIOflex® is the registered trademark of the magnetic device that is so unique it has been protected by international patents. These permanently magnetized flexible pads cause an increase in local blood flow accelerating the body's natural healing process, thus relieving the pain and inconvenience of muscular aches, sprains, tendonitis, muscular low back injury and other nagging injuries. The magnets are intended to be an alternative to the use of such products as heating pads, electrical stimulation units, balms and liniments. Additionally, the use of BIOflex® products could aide in reducing one's requirement for oral anti-inflammatory preparations, muscle relaxants and pain relievers.

The BIOflex® product line fits into today's active lifestyle with products that can accomplish any and all of the beneficial effects of the products mentioned above, with none of the unpleasant features such as thermal or chemical sensitivity. BIOflex® truly represents the kind of “common sense medicine” that appeals to our increasingly health conscious population.


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Our new Eye Mask contains 2 BIOflex® concentric circle magnets. Made of soft comfortable nylon. Mask measures 7.25" x 4" and has two elastic straps to secure mask to your face. Ideal for relaxation, stress, sinus problems and headaches.

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