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Arjo is dedicated to delivering quality products, solutions and programs that enhance the daily living of the elderly and sick, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for the people who care for them.

Arjo has gained unrivalled knowledge of the practicalities of caring for the elderly and sick from over 40 years of contact with all aspects of nursing worldwide. By refining and channelling this knowledge into developing and manufacturing products, Arjo makes life easier and safer for resident, nurse and caregiver. With its unique overview, Arjo is committed to spreading its findings and helping to raise the standard of care for residents and caregivers.

Opera Lift System

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Opera is available with a choice of attachments and accessories to cover many of today's handling and moving needs. The model illustrated is fitted with a four-point tilting spreader bar or Dynamic Positioning System - DPS. This combination meets most everyday lifting requirements involving the support of patients weighing up to 200 kg (440 lbs). Touch button controls on the handset and mast give complete control to the operator. The lightweight construction and large diameter castors are designed to reduce resistance and improve maneuverability when transferring the patient. The Opera V-shaped  base  can be widened or narrowed simply by pressing the touch-sensitive button on the handset. This feature enables access around large chairs or wheelchairs, or allows base positioning to clear obstacles under a bed. The unique tilting spreader bar allows gentle repositioning of patients when raising and lowering from a bed, chair or even from the floor.


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