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Bath Safety



Arjo is dedicated to solutions and programs that enhance the daily living of the elderly and sick, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for the people who care for them.

Arjo has gained unrivalled knowledge of the practicalities of caring for the elderly and sick from over 40 years of contact with all aspects of nursing worldwide. By refining and channelling this knowledge into developing and manufacturing products, Arjo makes life easier and safer for resident, nurse and caregiver. With its unique overview, Arjo is committed to spreading its findings and helping to raise the standard of care for residents and caregivers.

Parker Bath

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Welcome to streamlined, stress-free bathing

The bathing cycle with a Parker Bath from ARJO is safe, comfortable and dignified for the resident at all stages, and involves no manual lifting, strain or stress for the caregiver. Using this bath saves time and resources, as well as the caregiver's back.

From the moment you start prefilling the bath, you start saving time - and water. The prefill delivers enough water to the footwell to provide a comfortable bath in the reclined position, but an ordinary bath would require far more. The caregiver can use the prefill time to collect and prepare the resident for the bath.

The bath's unique side-entry access allows easy assisted and unassisted transfers. During the transfer, the only physical assistance that may be required is help to position the resident's legs in the warm water of the footwell.

A combination of the handset control, the reclined bath position and height adjustability means the caregiver can always work close to the resident in a comfortable posture, while ensuring the bath is at the correct working height. Controls for bath filling and shower functions are within easy reach on the thermostatic control panel and the stand-alone bath design enables good all-round access.

The optional Cleane/Disinfection System enables time-efficient hygiene procedures after each bath to fight the risk of cross infection. It automatically mixes a bacteria-combatting cleaning agent to your preselected strength and delivers it either to the bath surfaces via a trigger-action showerhead or through the air spa system for internal hygiene control.

Time saved on transfers and other routine aspects of the bathing cycle means the caregiver has more time to devote to the resident, who in turn enjoys more quality time in the bath. In the wider scheme of things, a streamlined bathing cycle allows an ideal number of bathing sessions per day in residential facilities.


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