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AP4 Therapeutic Skin Healing Products

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What started out as vanity for one woman has turned into a business which has helped thousands of people with skin problems. AP4 Therapeutic Skin Healing Cream was created out of one woman’s need to make herself more comfortable. In 1993, at the end of a successful business venture, Gloria Vanderlaan was looking for a change. Like many women, she wanted to rid herself of those unwanted fine lines around her mouth. She decided to have a dermabrasion. After the procedure, Gloria was surprised to learn from her doctor there wasn’t any product on the current market that he felt would heal her skin faster than the normal healing process. This he explained could take 
6 to 8 weeks or longer.

Totally unprepared for lengthy down time and unwilling to believe there was nothing she could apply to her skin to soften the scabbing, relieve the tightness and reduce the pain, she searched her bathroom drawers for help.  In her past travels she remembered receiving a small test sample of aloe vera which had been formulated for burns that claimed to be the “most rare and powerful species of all aloe”, healing twice as fast as normal. She applied the cream and within minutes experienced soothing relief and her skin began to soften. A visit to the doctor a few days later, left him amazed. He was surprised to see her skin was far ahead of the normal healing process. It was the beginning of AP4 Therapeutic Skin Healing Products. Today the company, gva International, Inc. continues to research & develop products using the latest technology & highest quality ingredients for fast healing of minor to severe skin problems.

INTENSE - Skin Healing Cream

Our most powerful formula for normal to severely irritated skin. Use daily as the best moisturizer you have ever used or for more severe skin breakdown or diabetic ulcers. May be used anywhere on the skin. No fragrance, non greasy, heals damaged skin quickly. Safe for infants.


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