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AlertOne® providing Emergency Response Solutions for the Home and Medical Facility

AlertOne® 8000 Series Voice Dialer




AlertOne® 8000 Series Voice Dialer

Is a wireless activated all-purpose emergency calling system that upon activation automatically calls up to 6 telephone numbers and plays a recorded emergency message.

After the emergency message is played or anytime during the message, the recipient can acknowledge and stop the message by pressing a key on their telephone keypad.

After the call is acknowledged the recipient is able to communicate with the protected location in a 2-way voice full duplex operational mode.

The recipient can either terminate the call, or escalate the call to the next emergency number by a simple keystroke on their telephone handset.

 Table Top and Wall Mountable!

  • 20 Second Message (total capacity) safely EEPROM stored so once the message and data is entered it is not lost. Up to 5 separate messages can be played based upon the emergency situation or individual transmitter being activated. Messages can be re-recorded perpetually for new resident/clients.

  • High Quality Full Duplex two way voice communication allows the emergency call recipient to listen and talk to the protected person or location.

  • 6 Programmable outbound telephone numbers including pagers can be stored in the order of emergency priority.

  • Call Acknowledgement requires that the emergency call recipient to acknowledge the emergency call by pressing a key on their phone set or the system will continue to place calls until the emergency is acknowledged.

  • Automatic Battery Backup provides 8+ hours of battery backup during a power failure for proper system function and automatically recharges after the power is restored.

  • Programmable Dialing Patterns provide access to "PABX","KEY", and Centrex telephone systems and extensions as well as paging services.

  • Accessory Monitoring for smoke detectors, gas detectors, medication dispensers, and door and window contacts.

  • Liquid Crystal Display provides complete system operation status reporting in clear, readable text.

  • Programmable Mobility Inactivity Timer ensures client activity by requiring a "check-in" at predetermined times if desired. Optional wireless motion detector will automatically reset the Mobility Inactivity Timer.
  • Auto-Learn super-heterodyne receiver transmitter system provides simple addition and removal of up to 20 transmitters and auxiliary transmission devices.
  • Central Station Monitoring of the 8000 Series Communicator is a simple programming option that can be used in conjunction with the AlertOneâ ResponseAlert® monitoring computer for complete on-site emergency activation call processing.
  • Remote Telephone Answering the telephone is as easy as the push of a button from the wearable transmitter allowing an amplified full duplex speakerphone conversation with the caller.
  • Auto Answer provides for the ability to call into the Series 8000 Communicator from a standard telephone.
  • UL/CSA/CE Listed power supply for regulatory compliance.

The 8000 Series Voice Dialer includes:
One pendant transmitter, phone cord and power supply.

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